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The Making of Bougainvillea HeightsThe Making of Bougainvillea Heights

Rick's new web series, "The Making of Bougainvillea Heights," has achieved great success, winning four awards for Best Web Series, most recently the series was screened at the Regal Theater at the Sherman Oaks Galleria as part of the prestigious Marina del Rey Film Festival, where it won the Grand Prize for Best Web Series.

The series focuses on an older, struggling writer who through some anthropomorphic intervention gets the best idea that there has ever been for a movie. A studio reads it, buys it, and is gonna make it. It's too good to be true! The only things that could stop it are Drugs, Alcohol, Guns, and The FBI and this story has all of those!

The Making of Bougainvillea Heights


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Rick Batalla is an Actor, Writer, Content Creator, and Artist living in Los Angeles. With a passion for storytelling and a commitment to excellence, Rick brings his unique perspective to every project he undertakes. Explore his work and discover the artistry that drives him.

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